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Changes in Strategic Areas of Focus for Truckee Chamber of Commerce

Changes in Strategic Areas of Focus for Truckee Chamber of Commerce
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October 07, 2020
October 7, 2020 (TRUCKEE, Calif.) It’s the beginning of a new era for the Truckee Chamber of Commerce, with several changes in strategic areas of focus. The Truckee Chamber is proud to continue the long-standing partnership with the Town of Truckee with the Town Council's recent unanimous approval of a 3-year contract with the Chamber of Commerce for community communication, marketing, economic services, and visitor center operation. 

One of the key components of the new Town contract is a Community Marketing & Communication Plan with a focus on engaging new residents given Truckee’s influx of new residents due to COVID-19 concerns and the prevalence of remote work opportunities. 
“Welcoming our new residents, assisting them in understanding, engaging and integrating into our community…. helping them make Truckee their Base Camp for a Big Life is the most significant part of our new contract” explains Lynn Saunders, President/CEO. “We want to help them learn what makes Truckee so special, and how they can become a part of the community, caring about the character and the sustainability of Truckee.”

“Integration of all members of the community: long-term residents, seasonal residents, employees and visitors. We have a huge opportunity to leverage talent that has come into the region. We are all stronger together,” said Jason Hansford, General Manager, Truckee Development Associates at a recent Rotary Club of Truckee meeting.

Growing a remote worker community has advantages as an economic development strategy. It helps diversify the economy, with remote workers often working in occupations or industries not common to Truckee. It provides connections to businesses and industries outside the region and brings skills that don’t just benefit the employer, but benefits the community by serving on boards and getting involved in community causes. It also supports local business -- while paychecks are cut somewhere else, remote workers are spending locally.

In other changes, the Truckee Tourism Business Improvement District (TTBID) has renewed with Visit Truckee, a new non-profit 501(c)6 organization as its Owners Association, no longer a program of the Truckee Chamber. 

The Truckee Tourism Business Improvement District (TTBID) was created in 2015, with the Truckee Chamber of Commerce leading the tourism industry’s efforts in its creation. It provided the first significant dedicated revenue stream for tourism promotional efforts. As Truckee’s tourism and hospitality industry has grown and matured, so has TTBID with its renewal and creation of Visit Truckee with a new focus not only on destination marketing, but management and sustainable tourism strategies.

And last, two programs developed under Truckee Tomorrow, Truckee Jobs Collective and Growing Our Own, will continue as Chamber programs.

Truckee Tomorrow’s public/private economic development initiative was the launching ground for the Truckee Jobs Collective, a multi-faceted program consisting of an online platform and Jobs Collective Liaison. The TruckeeJobsCollective.com website and program continues to grow in awareness and usage. Specific to Truckee, it is unique in allowing job seekers to understand the landscape of local employers without having to sift through hundreds of job opportunities that may be out of the region. Another valuable and significant differentiating factor is the Truckee Jobs Collective Liaison to assist in matching job seekers and employers.

Growing Our Own, a workforce development program focusing on supporting and cultivating local talent, enhances the collaborations between the business community and education providers. This initiative aims to heighten the awareness of career training programs currently offered, and depending on COVID-19 restrictions produce a week-long shadow program.
“As times change, we must pivot to meet the new needs of our community. As conditions warrant, we will continue to be lean and nimble. We’re looking forward to working collaboratively with the Town, businesses, stakeholders, and community on the new resident plan. We’re also proud of our role in blazing the trail in the creation of the TTBID in 2015, their growth and development in the past five years, and support the next big step with their successful renewal and creation of Visit Truckee,” stated Ted Owens, Chairman of the Board of Directors for Truckee Chamber of Commerce.
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About the Truckee Chamber of Commerce:
The Truckee Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization of over 630 members with the goal of making a positive difference for its members by continually improving the Truckee business climate and strengthening the economic development opportunities, while maintaining Truckee’s community character and sense of place.
Lynn Saunders, President/CEO
lynn@truckee.com, (530) 587-8808