Truckee - Together We'll Overcome Challenges

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April 15, 2020

Living in this mountain community, we experience the natural cycle of seasons. We have a front row seat
to the most spectacular show ever created. Nature is in a constant state of change and adaptation. She is
resilient and despite our best efforts to disrupt her, she is unwavering and committed.

As one change gives way to the next, there is an expansion and contraction of Truckee’s community.
This expansion and contraction reflects how we choose to live here – some of us are here full-time, some
of us part-time, some just for a season. Being a resident of Truckee has little connection to how we
choose to live here, but rather why we live here. We are here to be part of nature, to have it around us, to
learn how to change and adapt; to become more naturally resilient.

Truckee’s eclectic community of residents is our identity. We have built a brand around who we are and
that style has become the fuel in our economic engine. We are artisans, entrepreneurs, small business
owners, restauranteurs, lodging property owners, civil servants, health care providers, teachers, moms,
dads, kids and grandparents. Many of our residents are quite active in civic and charitable organizations.

We protect wildlife, clean up rivers, preserve open space, we help the less fortunate. All residents
contribute to our community. Additionally, our residents contribute in another substantial way. They pay
important taxes that help fund schools, services, parks, the library and of course our hospital, a hospital
that serves a much broader community, more than twice the size of Truckee.

Now is an extremely challenging time for our residents. We have been asked to change our natural
behaviors…stay at home, help educate our kids at home, don’t visit with friends, limit travel to only the
essential, to only recreate locally and in a very limited way. Let’s not forget washing our hands…holy
cow have we washed our hands!

Throughout our history, we have demonstrated our ability to overcome challenges. We have been in a
constant state of change and adaptation since Truckee was a small railroad town that held the key to the
west. We have proved time and time again that we are resilient and unwavering. Our residents have
learned to adapt!

We will overcome the current challenge before us. Now is not the time to label our residents. Now is the
time for all of us, as residents of Truckee, to work together, to demonstrate our civic duty of personal
responsibility towards eradicating COVID in our Town. Together, we need to do what has been asked of
us and make every effort to overcome the challenge we now face. Our families, neighbors and local
businesses need us today, to help each other through. Our community is depending upon us.

Stay home, stay healthy, wear a mask, social distance, wash hands and above all, keep your head up and
be patient while we all get through this.

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