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TRUCKEE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE BOARD OF DIRECTORS Qualifications and Organization Overview

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June 02, 2020

The Truckee Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization of over 650 businesses, representing over 7,700 jobs. In addition to the core business of chamber membership and programs to promote and develop business, the Chamber of Commerce leads several significant initiatives include:

  • Town of Truckee contract to provide visitation & economic development marketing services for Truckee, and manage and operate the California Welcome Center
  • Truckee Tourism Business Improvement District (TTBID)
  • Truckee Tomorrow public/private economic development initiative
 The Board of Directors have identified the following priorities:
  • Always remember at the heart of our organization is our members -- our core business – and keep our members and member relations top of mind.
  • The Board of Directors has the fiscal responsibility to oversee the financials of the Chamber of Commerce, and all the initiatives they lead, and to maintain and grow our financial position. Currently a $1.5M collective budget.
  • Always nurture our business and professional relationships within the organization and outside in the community, region, state and beyond
  • Remember our role as Catalyst for change; Convener for business, and Champions for a stronger business community
 Board of Director Qualifications include:
  • A willingness to make time, effort and financial commitment necessary to give proper attention to Chamber responsibilities.
  • Business and work experience that will assist in the exercise of sound judgment in considering issues of the Chamber as they relate to overall programs and initiatives.
  • The ability to inspire others and command respect of peers in responding to all initiatives sponsored by the Chamber, and to motivate others to become engaged.
  • Be a change agent – someone who promotes and enables change within the organization and our community to ensure a relevant organization and vibrant future for Truckee.
  • A top level “policy” decision maker for his/her firm, usually the owner or chief executive officer of the busines, with the ability to commit his/her firm’s human and financial resources to the work of the Chamber.
  • A demonstrated ability for leadership and respect within the community.
  • Maintain a high level of integrity and confidentiality.
  • The ability to work constructively and harmoniously with Directors, members, public and private partners, and staff of the Chamber.
 The Truckee Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors consists of 11-15 Directors. Each Director of the Chamber shall serve for a 3-year term. Directors may not serve more than three consecutive terms. Terms coincide with the fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).

The Truckee Chamber Board is a “working” board with all Directors expected to be actively involved in Chamber programs and initiatives in some capacity (ie Truckee Tomorrow; Truckee Tourism Business Improvement District - TTBID; Annual Awards Dinner; community issues affecting the business community such as affordable housing; member-relations/building; ongoing Chamber business; technical assistance; attend Chamber events and functions such as Good Morning Truckee, mixers, Knowledge Bites, Membership 101, etc).

Board members represent many different aspects of our business community. We expect Board members to be outspoken and to feel free to express their point of view. Questioning the process/outcome and “outside of the box” thinking before a final vote on an issue is expected and appreciated.

Regular monthly Board of Director meetings are held the third Tuesday of the month from 2:30-5:00pm at the Chamber of Commerce office at Town Hall.

In addition, there is one all-day Board annual Strategic Planning Retreat held in the Truckee area.

The Annual Awards Dinner is a must-attend for Directors unless there are extenuating circumstances .  

Board of Director Positions
  • Candidates for Director openings are nominated by the Board of Directors and selected for their expertise, background, skills, creativity, unique points of view, and innovative ideas they can bring to the Board.
  • The Chamber Board nominates candidates to fill any openings on the Board. The nominated slate is presented to the Chamber membership. A Chamber member may nominate other qualified members for the open spots by submitting a candidate statement and petition bearing ten nominating signatures from Chamber members. If no other members are nominated, no election is held and the nominated slate is declared elected. If there are additional candidates nominated, an electronic ballot will be distributed to the Chamber membership for an election.

For more information about the Truckee Chamber of Commerce, visit www.truckee.com/truckee-chamber-commerce, contact the Truckee Chamber of Commerce at 530-587-8808, or e-mail info@truckee.com.

About Truckee Chamber of Commerce:

The Truckee Chamber of Commerce is a business membership organization that develops and promotes local business, tourism and community engagement. With over 650 members representing over 7,700 jobs, the Chamber is the largest, most connected business organization in Truckee. The Chamber’s three focus areas are economy, tourism, and community. Location and mailing address: 10065 Donner Pass Road, Truckee, CA 96161.

Media Contact:  
Lynn Saunders, President/CEO
10065 Donner Pass Road
Truckee, CA 96161
Phone 530-587-8808
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Lynn Saunders, President/CEO